DJ'ing Redefined

Captured by  Derek Montgomery

Captured by Derek Montgomery

No longer are we just DJ's

We like to keep things simple for our clients. We help you plan and coordinate your wedding or event so that when your day comes all you have to do is celebrate! Our goal is to create amazing memories for you and your guests. If you are interested in a wedding DJ or event services fill out our contract form below. We look forward to start working with you!

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Are you searching for a modern, experienced, and passionate DJ and entertainer in Duluth, MN or surrounding areas? Is the music at your event too important to entrust to just any DJ? Do you want to make sure you and your guests have a great time at your special event? If so, you have definitely come to the right place!

After Dark Entertainment is a modern stylish boutique inspired entertainment company. We offer high-end DJ and entertainment services for weddings, schools, and nightlife establishments throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. At After Dark Entertainment Our focus as a company is to put YOU, our client, at the forefront of everything. We’ll listen to your vision, innovate, plan accordingly, and then deliver excellent services with extraordinary precision. We make it a top priority to have the best services, the best DJs and entertainers, and to create the best experiences with our clients. Click here to Learn More about our DJ and Lighting services.


is the most typical thought. Wrong. Although you have most likely seen it before at other weddings. A guy with his laptop and some loud speakers, just making a playlist in iTunes and calling himself a DJ. While this may be your standard DJ approach, you’re probably looking for something more in tune with your style, sense of emotion, music taste, and someone who can elevate your party to the next level. This is what makes your experience difference when working with us. Here at After Dark Entertainment, we have a precision focus on curtailing our work around you and your guests, and we’re here to shift the persona of DJs.

What’s The Difference Then?

Yes, we’re high rated DJs. Yes, we are professional. Yes, we use the best equipment. Yes, the music selection is extensive. But it can only take you so far, when you look at it all – it’s the same music everyone has heard 100 times in their daily life and on the radio… but this is where it all changes. Your event is not a copy of any party that ever was or is to be. Our DJs deliver a unique experience that no one else can. Every event is etched with its own unique energy that gets the guests screaming, “One more song, one more song!” and saying, “Your party was the best party I have ever been to!”

Why? Because, you deserve a unique experience. There is no basic package, there are no run of the mill events, there is no average. Everything that we deliver, every event that we do, every time – has a customized approach and mindset. The only thing that we ever aim for is the feeling of accomplishment when we work together create the celebration you’ve always dreamed of: your space filled with all of your family and friends, smiling and celebrating with you; a packed dance floor with unforgettable moments and memories.

After Dark Entertainment is a DJ company in Duluth, MN that specializes as Event DJs, Wedding DJs, and School DJs. We want to have you look around our site, and look more into other services we offer and learn more about us.

When you’re ready, please fill out the contact form on the site to start your journey.